October, 01 : city photographer - Brussels capital region

Where is Brussels heading for?  What tales does Brussels tell?

Attempt at collective intelligence. (Brussels City University)

Brussels does not always appear to be a delightfull adorable region.

Brussels talks with enlarged languages, now and then pretty incomprehensible.

Somtimes inapprehensible touchily complex.

After the 2009 Citizens Forum of Brussels, Aula Magna invites all people from Brussels, experts, political, economic and associative representatives as well as regular citizens to come and think out their City-Region.
It invites all those who imagine, do, lead or live in Brussels to an attempt at collective and inclusive intelligence.

HoedGekruid vzw has brought forward, at the Brussels City University, its candidacy as city photographer of the Brussels Capital Region.

Click at  THIS LINK as to support this candidacy (in Dutch and French) by mail.

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