Van 26/12 tem 20/01/2011: Derroll Adams

Derroll Adams died ten years ago (Antwerp, November 27th, 2000).
Most people know Derroll Adams as "The Banjo Man" about whom Donovan sang.

Derroll Adams, an American singer-songwriter and folkmuscian, born in Portland, Oregon, spent half of his lifetime in Belgium, in Brussels and Antwerp. He started playing the five-string-banjo from his childhood on. The banjo became the love of his life. Most remarkable was the gentleness he used to play with. Not very evident as for an instrument as the banjo. Add to that gentleness a heavy and warm voice, and you'll get the picture right away: someone who got the audience silent by softly singing and playing.

Derroll Adams used to play together with  Ramblin Jack Elliott and witht Pete Seeger.
Donovan considered Derroll as his musical tutor.
In the film 'Don't Look Back' can be seen how Derroll Adams introduces Bob Dylan to Donovan
(Donovan immortalized Derroll as the banjo player speler with the tatooed hands in ' Epistle to Derroll ' ).

Few do know that Derroll was a talented painter and writer.

The exhibition "paintings and writings of Derroll Adams" runs from November 27 until January 20 at the  Goudblommeke In Papier,Cellebroerstraat 55, 1000 Brussel.

Carine Fol, curator of  het museum ‘ art et marges ’, made a selection of representative paintings and writings, choosen from the legacy of Danny Adams (widow of Derroll).

A photo report of the vernissage (26/11/2010) can be looked at in the section photos on the Dutch part of this site.

Op 28 november vertoont bioscoop Arenberg  twee films over en rond Derroll Adams en zijn makker Jack Elliott (Jack Elliott heeft Derroll Adams naar Europa gehaald in 1957).
Deze films geven een goed overzicht van de folkscene:

- om 15u: vertoning van "THE BALLAD OF 'RAMBLIN' JACK", film van Aiyana Elliott gewijd aan haar vader (speciale prijs van de Jury op het Sundance Film Festival in 2000), en nooit vertoond in België. 112 min.

- om 17u: vertoning van de film "DERROLL ADAMS, L'HOMME AU BANJO", zelden vertoonde documentaire van Patrick Ferryn met een ode aan Derroll Adams. 85 min.

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