June 10th: 1st giant PicNic The Street



We’ve had enough, more than enough!
We want a liveable Brussels, and we want it now!

- with more green and safe quality public space
- with more space for strolling, cycling or simply sitting, and less for cars
- with fresh, clean air for ourselves and our children
- with a downtown designed for humans, no longer only for cars
- with central boulevards to feel proud of
- with Place De Brouckère(plein) and Place du Bourse (Beursplein) as true city squares

Come for a picknick* 10/06 on Boulevard Anspach(laan) from 12:00 to 14:00. Bring your own food, drinks and a picknick blanket. Reclaim the streets

 Download here the flyer in English

Download here the article of Philippe Van Parijs (in Dutch)
Download here the article of Philippe Van Parijs (in French)

Download here the images taken on May 24th/ flyer AND NOW IT'S OUR TURN !

Download here the article 'special event' in Flanders Today



In a powerful opinion piece (published in three languages in Brussel Deze Week, Le Soir, and The Bulletin) he calls upon citizens to have a disobedient picnic every Sunday at places where cars take up an irresponsible amount of space. A number of citizens joined forces in order to spread his original message. There is neither captain nor commander in this group of people. They simply want to express their collective malcontent in a positive and constructive way.

The group wants real and high quality public spaces in Brussels. More space to stroll, to ride a bike, and to sit. The population of Brussels is increasing (annually 7000 extra families until 2020-2025) while public space is not. There is only one logical solution: a city policy creating more space for people and reduce the space for cars. Not only the citizens but also commerce and tourism will profit from these changes.

We want a liveable city, with more fresh and clear air for us and our children. Today 18% of the Brussels’ community surface area is taken up by traffic infrastructure. In Brussels over 70% of a traditional street is intended for mechanized traffic. Other big European cities have come to understand that the era of the omnipresent car has come to an end. Why is Brussels still playing deaf ?

It is Brussels’ duty as capital of Europe, to take on its leader role and to create squares and arteries without cars, with more safe public spaces and more green. We are picnicking because we want more carless avenues and a real Place de Brouckère and Place de la Bourse. A master plan for the central avenues (from North to South station) is already lying on the Brussels politicians’s desk since 2004. We do not accept any more delay!

The rest of the city has to follow as well. All the inhabitants and visitors of this city are entitled to high quality, green, and safe public spaces. The government, whatever party or institutional power, is also held responsible for this stagnation, lack of ambition and vision typical for Brussels today.

This Sunday we reclaim our space! Reclaim the streets!

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