April 15th: Pic Nic More Streets 2013 ?


HoedGekruid ngo invites:


Come and join us to think about how Pic Nic the Streets edition 2013 should look like: Pic Nic More Streets?! 

Why? For the same reasons philosopher Philippe Van Parijs gave us exactly one year ago:

“Furious. I can’t avoid getting furious when I realise how many cities manage to transfigure their public squares, to upgrade their central areas, to make it pleasant to stroll, to meet, to breathe the clean air on a bench, to linger on a terrace, whereas in comparison, despite some progress – too timid, too slow – Brussels, in this regard, remains awful.”

Entretemps, rien n'a changé. The time has come to Pic Nic More Streets ! Er is nog niks veranderd!

Meeting on the 15th of April in front of La Bourse at 19h30. Shortly after we will move to the exact meetingplace.

Be there if you believe in Brussels!


A photo report about the meetin can be found in the section photos 2013 - click here

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