from 20/07 until 15/08: SERBIA, a country with the spirit of ...:


 They scare me by saying  
There's a screw loose in my head  

 They scare me more by saying  
They'll bury me  
In a box with the screws loose  

 They scare me but little do they realise  
That my loose screws  
Scare them  

 The happy crazy from our street  
Boasts to me 


Vasko Popa


 Below you'll find a serie of photographs about our journey throughout Serbia.
By clicking on the thumbnails, you 'll enlarge the photos. 

The second and third photo gives you an image of the artistic ark, standing Subotica/Palic, built by Studio Medijala.
(see also
mimesis in Brussel, Subotica & Palic on this website - just type the word SERBIA in the search engine)

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