May 23: tribute to Kamiel Vanhole

On June 12, 2008 the author Kamiel Vanhole died. He had just turned 54. Vanhole published novels, essays and plays. Above all, he was a tireless traveller in literature. His last book, De Spoorzoeker (The Pathseeker), is a marvellous travelogue full of literary discoveries in Europe and elsewhere.

On Saturday, May 23, an exhibition on the life and works of Vanhole was opened at Tweebronnen library in Leuven. It was a special evening, comprising a tribute to the author and the presentation of an issue of the literary magazine De Brakke Hond, dedicated to Kamiel Vanhole.

Een dolende hond van een vader (A Stray Dog of a Father), a comic book Kamiel Vanhole was the scriptwriter of, was also presented. His writer-friends, including Benno Barnard, Geert van Istendael, Eva Vanhole (one of Kamiel's daughters), Jessa Wildemeersch, Tuur Florizoone, Brigitte Raskin, Didi de Paris and Koen Peeters, paid their respects to their late colleague.

The programme of the tribute can be found here.

The exhibition on Vanhole’s work ran until June 20, 2009.
A video of the evening can be viewed on the national Classical Radio station, Klara (

On this website you will find 51 pictures of the tribute. (see below)

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