... : 4 X B - part 1

1 X B = Belgium to be



All around Belgium, one can discover connections and/or links to Belgrado. Whether you are talking about places or names, there's always something to be spotted.

In the Flemish city of Ghent for instance, you'll find the Belgrado straat which is, by coincidence situated within the redlight district of Ghent.

   In Belgium we have discovered families carrying the surname 'Belgrado' (e.g. Erik Belgrado, Jan Belgrado, Kris Belgrado, Paul Belgrado, Marcel Belgrado, the latter being the mayor of the village of Meise).


Even on a monument near to the church of Relegem in Vlaams-Brabant, we found the familynaam Belgrado.




For the exposition, we'll link Serbia to Belgium throughout Serbian activities, performances, cultural happenings, events that took place in Belgium.

Below you'll find some photos.


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