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3 X B = Belgrade to be


Belgrade is a part of the Walloon city of Namur in Belgium. The area of Belgrade, with a population of around 5500, was first a village independent from the city of Namur. It became attached to Namur in 1977.
The name Belgrade (French for Beograd) goes back to the year 1718 when Belgrade was recaptured from  the Turkish by the 'house of Habsburg'. The county of Namur was depending upon the 'house of Habsburg' at that time.
Belgrade is located west of the city Namur, geographically directly attached to the city of Namur, just north of the river Sambre and the railroad of Charleroi.
In the village Belgrade you 'll find streets such as Rue du Danube, Rue de la Morava, Rue de la Bosna, Rue de la Tisza, Rue de la Drina, Rue de la Save.
You 'll also find a street called Stari Grad, and also a military barrack carrying the name "Yugoslavia" on its walls.

Below you'll find some photos of street names at the village of Belgrade near to Namur in Belgium.


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