From Jan 22nd unti Feb 19th: " Against the Tide "


The award-winning photo (1st prize) by Filip Van Zandycke
title : “Stuurloze rondvaart”.
"cruising around out of control"

The jury describes the award-winning picture as "a nice picture with good composition, where the link between the canal and the city is non-existent. Within a few hundred metres from each other,  we find housing, office towers and scrap yards. There is a place for old iron, but the children play on a square meter of concrete, with fences on all sides, the weeds beside the water bottle is the only green on the 'public' space. "

The photo of Jean-Pierre Beke (2nd prize) is "charming through the waves in the water: it looks as if they were caused by the lost walkers whom stroll along a beautiful stretch of the canal.. The photographer chose a special place in order to capture it, as it is one of the few places where space is given to pedestrians. It is unfortunate that this boulevard lays along a highway and a high wall that hides the gardens of the Royal Palace from the walkers. "

Third prize goes to Leen Cools with "Just (ice) Blue", where the Palace of Justice can be seen, very tiny in the distance, yet so powerfully present in the picture.

Below you'll find the waywardness canal interpretation of Filip Van Zandycke.

From sunday January 22nd until sunday February 19th, 2012, the photos of the project " stream in(g) against the tide " can be seen at café Etcetera, Jules Maloulaan 26, 1040 Etterbeek (see also Calendar 2012 on this site)


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