June, 2nd: Poesjkin with love

Aleksandr Poesjkin is being considered as the greatest poet of Russia. Already famous during his life (1799-1837) , but at the same time controversial and mistrusted by the government.

In 1880,  in the presence of a large audience, a statue of Poesjkin was unveiled in Moscow.  On that occasion, the authors Toergenev and Dostojevski delivered a speech upon which they lauded Poesjkin as the national poet.

Following Poesjkins 125th birthday, the poet Majakovski wrote a long poem in which he carried on a noctural conversation with the statue of Poesjkin in Moscow.

It needs no explaining saying that Poesjkin occupies an outstanding position within the Russian culture. As a matter of fact, the status of Poesjkin is that prominent, for not a single government nor any political movement being able to get around him. 

(From: the introduction of "Poesjkin and Russia" by prof. dr. Thomas Langerak).

Poetry lovers gathered in Laken this weekend to pay homage to Alexander Pushkin. This language virtuoso's poems very often have the many women in his life as a central theme.

Info about the hommage can be found in kalender 2012.

Below you'll find a photoreport about this hommage on June 2nd.
(work in progress)

 Click here for the tv-report of TV-Brussel.

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