25 november: ONS BRUSSEL

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The Belgian Life Experience of Estonian Writers
Mare Sabolotny and Vahur Afanasjev
literary testimonies by two gifted “Vodka Drinking Cowboys”
Friday Nov 25th, 20h – Passaporta, 46 Rue Dansaert B1000 Brussels
Literary evening about life in Brussels, witnessed from an Estonian perspective 
With participation of writers Geert van Istendael (B) and Serge van Duijnhoven (NL)
Free admittance
Mare Sabolotny (21) and Vahur Afanasjev (32) are two gifted, unclassical writers from Estonia, who lived for quite some time in Brussels. Last year, however, they decided to move back to Tallinn, deliberately giving up the high quality life they  lived in the capital of Europe. In his last book, My Brussels – a bestseller in Estonia – Vahur writes witfully and bluntly about his life experiences and endeavours during his years as a EU-administrator in Belgium. A literary chronicle about a love that came to an end, but also was refound in a completely different way.
Mare will read a fragment from her new novel „Peaaegu inimene“(„Almost a human“), and Vahur will read some of his revealing poetry by means of commentary to a defiant and lyrical short film he made while working as assistant for the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.
One of the great true chroniqueurs of Brussels and Belgium, Flemish writer Geert van Istendael (Arm Brussel, The Belgian Labyrinth), will contribute to the evening through reading some apt fragments about his ever-bleeding but beloved homecity “with its raffled ends and open wounds”. A song of love and wonders, joy and lamentation.
Dutch-born writer Serge van Duijnhoven – living in Brussels since 1999 – will moderate the evening,  interview both Estonian authors about their life during and after the Soviet Union, and talk about comparisons with current life in Estonia in times of that other pretentious Union that is the EU. This will most likely lead to a highly humourous and critical conversation  about writing, working, drinking and surviving in times of prosperity and crisis, communism and capitalism. Estonian drinks and fruits will be provided!
The entrance is free.


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