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Message from the embassy of Belgium in Belgrado, Serbia, on May 13 2011:

Dear Sir,

Je regrette profondément de devoir vous informer qu'il convient d'annuler l'exposition qui devait se tenir le 25 mai à Belgrade et de la reporter à une date ultérieure. (I feel sorry for informing you that I have to  cancel the exposition that was due to be held in Belgrado on the 25th of May, and that I will have to postphone it to a non-defined date)

En effet, il est préférable de réunir les conditions nécessaires pour que cette belle exposition soit une réussite, ce qui n'est malheureusement pas le cas en ce moment.
Il convient notamment d'assurer les fonds qui permettront d'assurer les conditions techniques comme: l'installation de l'exposition au "foyer de la jeunesse" (coût d'environ 400 euros), la sonorisation ( micros pour l'inauguration), le "high pressure cleaner" et tout ce dont vous auriez encore besoin. Tout cela occasionne des frais qui ne peuvent être couverts.
Monsieur Milenkovic propose donc de préparer cette exposition en "bonne et due forme" , d'assurer les fonds qui vous sont nécessaires et de le contacter alors pour fixer une date.
Ce n'est donc qu'une partie remise et c'est avec impatience que nous attendrons de vos nouvelles.
Mes salutations les plus cordiales,
Mirna Botica
Secrétaire de l'AmbassadeurFour times B is een expo die wordt opgezet in mei 2011 in Belgrado.


Four times B is an exposition that will be held in Belgrado in May 2011.

The embassy of Belgium in Belgrado (Serbia) in co-operation with the former ambassador of Belgium in Belgrado, mrs. Denise Dehauwere, ànd the professor Neerlandistiek in Belgrado
Jelica Novaković together with Sonja Kovacev - curator and organisor of poetry festivals - and with the support of the ambassador of Serbia in Belgium, mr. Radomir Diklic.

Below you'll find the concept of the exhibition.

At the different parts (click on PHOTOS 2011 for a complete overview) you will find some photographs related to each of the separate parts.

The exposition opens on
a non-defined date in the future



The EU Info Centre at Dom Omladine,

Makedonska 22/ IV

11 000  Belgrade, Serbia

Download here the poster of the exhibition

 Concept of the exposition:


1 X B = Belgium to be

All around Belgium, one can discover connections and/or links to Belgrado. Whether you are talking about places or names, there's always something to be spotted. In the Flemish city of Ghent for instance, you'll find the Belgrado straat which is, by coincidence situated within the redlight district of Gent.

In Belgium we have discovered families carrying the surname 'Belgrado' (e.g. Erik Belgrado, Jan Belgrado, Kris Belgrado, Paul Belgrado, Marcel Belgrado, the latter being the mayor of the village of Meise).


We even found thefamilyname Belgrado on a monument near to the church of a village called Relegem.


For the exposition, we'll link Serbia to Belgium throughout Serbian activities, performances, cultural happenings, events that took place in Belgium.




2 X B = Brussels to be

Brussels has two streets referring to Serbia. There's the Belgrado straat (Beograd Street) and the Servië straat (Serbia Street).

But, there's much more to be discovered: a monument carrying the name Jan Belgrado, Manneken Pis dressed up in a traditional Serbian costume, truba/Guca revisted and Kolo dancing on the Grand Place of Brussels, and so on. All to be discovered in words and photos at the exhibtion in Belgrado



3 X B = Belgrade to be

Belgrade is a part of the Walloon city of Namur in Belgium. The area of Belgrade, with a population of around 5500, was first a village indepedant from the city of Namur. It became attached to Namur in 1977.
The name Belgrade (French for Beograd) goes back to the year 1718 when Belgrade was recaptured from  the Turkish by the 'house of Habsburg'. The county of Namur was depending upon the 'house of Habsburg' at that time.

Belgrade is located west of the city Namur, geographically directly attached to the city of Namur, just north of the river Sambre and the railroad of Charelroi.
In the village Belgrade you 'll find streets such as Rue du Danube, Rue de la Morava, Rue de la Bosna, Rue de la Tisza, Rue de la Drina, Rue de la Save.
You 'll also find a street called Stari Grad, and also a military barrack carrying the name "Yugoslavia" on its walls.


4 x B = Beograd to be

 In Belgrado the artistic group Studio Medijala from Subotica will set up their  Indigo family at the exhibition.

The  STUP JAZZ ORCHESTRA from Nis will take care of the musical part around the exhibition.



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